Magnetic Disturbances Sent Massive Solar Wind Earthward


Powerful magnetic disturbances in Sol’s corona have hurled a large burst of charged particles into space on March 4th. The solar storm erupted from the sunspot AR 1429 at 11:13PM and according to NASA, it should hit Earth on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

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Earth’s Van Allen Radiation Belt’s Charged Electrons Heading for Space not Surface


The increase in solar activity has become quite obvious on Earth, thanks to the increase in auroras caused by geomagnetic storms, but while astronomers had previously believed that the Earth might be stripped temporarily of its radiation belts, causing the charged electrons to inundate the atmosphere, new data has shown that the deadly particles will actually be blown back into space.

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Strong Geomagnetic Storms a Possibility After Active Sunspot 1401 Erupted


An active sunspot erupted on Sol on January 19th, at around 16:30 UT, which produced an M3-class solar flare as well as a full-halo coronal mass ejection that’s currently on its way almost directly to Earth.

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