NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Filament Explosion


NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured a spectacular video of a filament eruption from Sol, which occurred on August 31st. The segment is in red, and while the video lasts only a few seconds, the actual time period is about three hours.

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Puzzling Radiation Bursts Recorded in Tree Rings 1,200 Years Ago


1,200 years ago, tree rings recorded an abnormally large radiation burst. It’s even more mysterious since this spike in carbon-14 levels indicates a massive cosmic event, but supernovae and solar flares have been ruled out.

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NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Eruption in Extreme UV


The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory was able to capture this incredible video of a recent coronal mass ejection (CME) on April 7th from the sun’s surface. What makes this video unique is that it was captured in extreme ultraviolet light, giving it an otherworldly feel.

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