Novel Coronavirus hCoV-EMC Infects Humans & Animals


The novel coronavirus which was discovered this summer in the Middle East might infect more than just human patients. The pathogen is closely related to SARS, and it may also be able to infect pigs and a wide range of bat species.

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Epidemiologists Trying to Track Down Novel Coronavirus


The new coronavirus, linked to different cases in the Qatar and Saudi Arabia, was named HCoV-EMC, short for human coronavirus and the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Cases of New Coronavirus Announced By WHO


The World Health Organization announced four new cases of the novel coronavirus that caused a great deal of worry just before the October hajj season. There have been four additional laboratory-confirmed cases. Out of these patients, one has died. Three of the new cases were in Qatar, and the other one was in Saudi Arabia.

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New Coronavirus Could Infect Millions during Hajj in Saudi Arabia

Lung tissue containing the original SARS coronavirus (CDC, 2003)

Back in February 2003, a 65-year-old physician living near Hong Kong checked into a hotel. Sometime during his stay, he encountered a dozen other people; most of them were hotel guests on the same floor. The physician contracted a disease that left him with flu-like symptoms for a week before it started to develop into pneumonia. The next day he checked himself into a hospital and died later that day.

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