Canapé Cactus Couch & Ottoman: Is It Getting Prickly in Here?

While they might have different upholstery, most sofas and couches look pretty similar. From time to time, though, you come across something very different. This cactus couch is definitely unusual, because cacti usually don’t make good sitting places.

canape cactus sofa

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Pouf-Man: Pac-Man Inspired Furniture


At first glance, this seating arrangement seems kind of odd until you realize what you are looking at. Pouf-Man is QAYOT‘s homage to one of the stars of arcade videogames, back when people actually went to arcades to play them.

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When you travel to a new city in a foreign country, Couchsurfing lets you connect with local people and sleep on their couch. (via suitcasing)

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