Geninne’s DIY Linen iPad Cozy & Other Felt Cases

112211_rg_DIYFeltLinenCozy_01.jpgFelt and linen are great materials to choose when you want to put together an easy DIY device cozy. Felt is soft and it’s not difficult to sew, so creating your own cozies and cases for your tech devices becomes a lot less problematic if you’re not an expert sewer. Once you’ve completed your cozy, don’t be afraid to decorate it, just like Geninne did with hers.

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Fanciful Handmade Kitchen Cozies

120810_rg_KitchenCozies_01.jpgIn any modern kitchen, a few neat details will allow you to highlight certain areas. The interesting thing is that you don’t have to spend an arm or a leg to get something that looks good. Kitchen cozies are often overlooked, and we’ve found some pretty cute designs that will make anyone who sees them smile.

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