iLoop Holds Your Phone, Relieves Stress

Mobile phone stands aren’t all equal, and I have to say that this one definitely is different from others I’ve seen before. The iLoop is basically a thick silicone ring that doubles as an iPhone stand, and oddly enough, an exercise grip. Yes, you can use this ring as a hand grip which can be used to relieve stress.

iphone iloop 02

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GoPad Tablet Cradle Lets You Wear Your iPad Around Your Neck

Wearing your tablet around your neck might seem a bit silly, but I can see it being useful in a few different situations. Perhaps if you work in the field, a warehouse or in a hospital, it would be handy to have your tablet right there in front of you. But I have to say that while it’s useful, the GoPad tablet cradle looks really geeky. Not that carrying around an iPad wherever you go isn’t already.

gopad tablet necklace

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Yamaha’s Wireless iPod and iPhone Cradle

100909_rg_yamahacradle_01.jpgAt Unplggd, we really like wireless stuff. Getting rid of the messy wires is part of our mission. That’s why we were interested to find out that Yamaha’s latest cradle is wireless. Sounds pretty cool, but is it worth it?

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