Gridcase Reactor iPhone 5 Case: Crank Some Juice into Your Phone

The iPhone charges up pretty quickly, but once you run out of power, there’s not much you can do except stow your phone until you find an outlet, or a batter pack and enough time to juice it up again. This case proposes that you use a crank to manually charge your precious smartphone.

gridcase reactor iphone crank case

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Eton TurboDyne Series: Ingenious Emergency Tools

060911_rg_EtonTurboDyne_01.jpgLike most people, we have an emergency kit packed up in our car, including a small bag with some essentials, just in case something happened. However, we definitely didn’t have anything like these stylish and ingenious emergency tools that were created by Eton for the American Red Cross. The bold red and white colors, coupled with the fact that most of these can be hand-powered, make them ideal in emergency situations.

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Old School Robotics: DIY Rotating Wood Crank iPhone Dock

100609_rg_DIYCrankdock_01.jpgWhen we think of cranks we think of winding cranks made to power electronics or the ones made to power up the first cars. Cranks are useful and have been used for centuries. This is the first time that we’ve seen one used in an iPhone dock though.

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Green Idea: Kinetically Powered Camera

In an age where a digital camera’s megapixel count keep climbing, the power demands of these devices keeps getting more significant. If you take a lot of photographs and are worried about the environmental impact of batteries, Sony has come up with an innovative solution to your dilemma. The Sony Odo Twirl n’ Take is a camera that is charged by using kinetic energy. If the solar panels on your roof aren’t enough, you’ll be pleased to add this little gizmo to your eco-friendly habits.