Carzor Credit Card Razor: When You’re Late and Need a Shave

It’s probably happened to you. You’re late and on the run to get to work in time. You forget to shave or just skipped it. This is where the Carzor comes in handy. No, you shouldn’t use it while you’re driving, but it still might come in handy in a pinch.

carzor razor credit card travel pocket mirror

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Piggy Bank Gets a Modern Twist

This concept piggy bank is more like a combination of an ATM and a Tamagotchi. In order to keep it happy, you have to feed it your credit card. No money, and it gets sad.


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Square Add-on Allows iPhone & Android Credit Card Payment

We love the iPhone and we love the fact that now PayPal allows you to “bump” payments to other iPhone users without any wires. Now, it seems that you’ll be able to use your credit card this way, using a small add-on from Square.

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How To Pay Off Your Debts

Who hasn’t got debts? This is a great article on how to do so quickly and efficiently.