iPhone Dock Gives You a Hand Whenever You Need It

I sleep pretty deeply, but staring at a cold, pale, disembodied hand that holds my smartphone to stop my alarm will probably wake me up almost immediately. This smartphone stand from Harry Allen is supposed to elicit a response from anyone seeing it or touching it inadvertently in the middle of the night.

harry allen iphone hand dock

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Fake Ear Earphone Tidy: Store Your Buds in Someone Else’s Ears

I’m not sure about these things, on top of creeping me out, these fake ears double as an earphone caddy. They will allow you to store your earbuds without getting the cords all tangled up, which is good since that shortens the life of your wires.

earphone fake ear tidy cord

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Radioactive Ghost Suit Installation: No, the Aliens Have Not Arrived

No, these aren’t aliens or anything like that, but this art installation by Luzinterruptus is pretty spooky. The anonymous artist group put together this haunting installation for the Hamburg Dockville Festival. It’s supposed to remind us of the dangers of nuclear power.


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AFFETTO Robot Head Will Creep You Out

I know that this isn’t really supposed to have anything to do with Halloween or scaring people, but what the heck guys, this robot baby head is really disturbing, especially when the guy starts moving the head around and the baby comes alive.

japan osaka robot scary head expressions emotions baby

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Creepy Mr. Spock Doggie Mug: Live Long and Walkies

I used to have some mugs with pictures of dogs on them when I was a kid – until they eventually broke. I think I still have one in storage, but who knows. Anyway, if you like having strange images on your mugs, then this Mr. Spock dog mug might be right up your alley.


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iFeel_IM! Lets Your Computer Give You Hugs

Unless you’re some kind of otaku that’s stuck in his apartment for the whole day, you’ve probably got someone who can give you a hug. If you can’t find somebody to hug, let a stranger on the vast Internet give you one.

haptiheart hug internet interactive creepy

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