More On Crystal Castles

More on Crystal Castles and copyright infringement.

Listening To

I’m currently enjoying the new M83 album Saturdays=Youth and the new eponymous Crystal Castles. Both are incredible. I highly recommend both of them. Kottke says it sounds a bit 80ish and not. I think we should embrace those sounds, there are great bands and sounds in the 80s.

End Of Semester Nerves

It’s gettting towards the end of the semester here in Quebec, and I’m getting antsy.

I’ve got an oral presentation tomorrow in one of my classes, but I’m getting nervous. I’m not that nervous, since I have taught groups of 30 4th graders, but still… I’m a bit nervous. This morning, I woke up at around 6AM, unable to sleep anymore. I think that I was tossing and turning since 5AM.

Part of the day was taken up by coding our last homework in Numerical Analysis. My partner was absent, so I coded for a few hours by myself. I’ve been told that he’s completed his part and I’m anxious to combine them. The assignment is due on Friday.

I’ve got a small test on Thursday in Analysis I. I want to take most of the evening to study. Since I only start classes at 10:30AM, I’ll have part of the morning as well. The test is on mathematical series. It’s perfect practice for the exam next

I’m still amazed at the whole CamelBak and Crystal Castles incidents on my blog. I’d like to say that the Crystal Castles isn’t really my business, though I commented on it and based my opinions from other sources. I’d just like to mention that I’ve been listening to Crystal Castles non-stop since I posted my blog, so maybe that means there is no bad promotion, right? (I really like their music too!)

Crystal Castles Replies

I wrote this little post about what I thought was a case of copyright infringement by Crystal Castles on the artist Trevor Brown. Naturally, I didn’t have all the facts. To that effect, Andy has sent me his comments via email. I have chosen to post the other side of the story here.

Your article on CC is extremely biased. It seems you have believed Trevor’s fabricated tale which has been designed to get his own website attention.

The band would never steal art from anyone, they had Trevor’s permissioni 2006. By fluke the band became successful and Trevor changed his mind about the band using his art, therefore the band STOPPED SELLING THE SHIRTS. Trevor wanted retroactive payment for the shirts, the band tried to pay him to keep him happy and to show they appreciated his talent.

Yes the band’s lawyer wrote an unfair contract, the band had the lawyer ammend the contract and delete the unfairness. These are facts Trevor would never tell you on his website. Instead of helping him bring attention to his own website I would appreciate it if you would delete your post. This is unfairly hurting the band! They have tried everything in their power to keep him happy, they have stopped selling his shirts, even though they were printed with his permission.

Crystal Castles Controversy Redux

The band Crystal Castles (wiki) has allegedly stolen art from Trevor Brown. This accusation stems from the artist Brown.

The art in question (a drawing of Madonna with a black eye) has been used for the cover of a 7″, thousands of t-shirts and was proposed for the cover of their album (which was refused by their distribution company). They have yet to pay Brown for the use of this image.

Crystal Castles say that they have paid the artist and amended the initial contract. Brown’s account is only his side. Please read this to see the other side of the story.

Read Trevor Brown’s side of the story over at his blog.