LEXON Prism Series Clocks and Speakers: Resistance is Futile

Despite their simplicity, cubes are still one of the coolest shapes for gadgets – especially when they look like they’re melting into your desk. These cubic speakers and clocks remind me of the awe-inspiring Borg Cube from Star Trek: The Next Generation – only much smaller. Whatever these cubes remind you of, they are certainly stylish and distinctive.

lexon prism joe doucet 01

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3D-Printed Cubic Kite Shouldn’t Fly But Does

At first when you look at this strange looking kite, you’d think that it wouldn’t be able to get airborne, because of its shape and complexity. But this somewhat large, cubic structure is fully capable of flight.

3DPrintedCubicKite 01

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Cubic Shelves Gives Graphic Designer Office New Life

The first thing that you notice about this home office is that most of the shelving is similar and stands out, which is important when you’re redesigning your own home office. We like how the shelving is prevalent and distinctive in white. Also, the lounge area nearby is perfect to take a load off during busy days at home.

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