Haggling With Customer Service When Things Go Wrong

020311_rg_HaggleCustService_01.jpgIt’s probably happened to you. You order something and end up getting something else. This isn’t that big of a deal when it’s a small item, but what happens when you end up getting the wrong appliance? This recently happened to us, as we were purchasing a new range stove for our duplex. Things went awry, but in the end, we managed to save some money.

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YL’s Customer Testimonial With Asterisk*Cycles

YL's Partially Assembled Bike

Allo Range,

Thanks a lot for the bike. Indeed shipping was crazy fast, posted on Thursday I received the first box (wheels) on Friday after at my door step, the other one (Frame/groupset) due to some Tax verification by the Singapore customs I got it on Monday.

I assembled the bike Monday afternoon; I’m very satisfied with it. Looks great, and the bike weighs……6.95 kg (Medium) with Look Keo Carbon and the Cateye Speedo, no bottle cage yet. INCREDIBLE!!


I send you some pictures of the complete bike if you need them.