How to Spruce Up Your Windows Desktop Screen Good Questions

Q: Hi, I really enjoyed this article by Range. I have an XP machine that could really use a facelift and I REALLY like the visual style in the first picture displayed in the article. I would like to know the name of that visual style, as well as find out where it is at so I can spruce up the guest’s PC. Make ’em feel like they’re working in class…. or in the future.

A: Hi Chris, the quick answer is to use Stardock’s Windowblinds software, but we’ll tell you more about how to do this and what other options you might have.

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Tools to Wrangle & Corral Your Mac Trackpad

062911apple-trackpad.jpgSince we updated our laptop to a MacBook Pro, we haven’t had any use for a mouse. While we intensely disliked touchpads on PC laptops, Apple has just nailed it with the their glass Trackpad. Here’s a few ideas and resources for squeezing out more utility from your Trackpad or Magic Trackpad…

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Customize Your New iPod in Different Ways

032709_rg_customizedipod_01.jpgiPods are great music players. Personally, I have trouble with iTunes, but maybe that’s because I don’t have a Mac yet. Still, after about 8 years and only two different iPods in all of that time, one iPod 40GB with the old school screen and one iPod Classic 160GB from last year, I’m pretty satisfied with the little gizmo. My iPod Classic has been running every day since last January, without ever so much as a glitch. The battery lasts pretty long. Even though I use it every day, I only charge it once every two weeks. That’s pretty impressive. Some people might think that the iPods are a bit sober in colors. It’s true that they tend to be black or white or covered in brushed aluminum. This is why I really find that customizing your iPod is a good idea. It makes it unique, and all of us like having stuff that is unique.