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Molecular Nano-Machine Assembly Mimics Human Muscle Movement


An assembly of thousands of nano-machines has been put together to produce a coordinated contraction movement, extending up to ten centimeters, akin to the movement of muscular fibers. They were synthesized by a CNRS research team from the Institut Charles Sadron.

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Photovoltaic Retinal Implants Combined with Video Goggles Could Restore Sight


Scientists have been trying to develop feasible retinal implants for decades, but meshing them with the human visual system has always been tricky. James Loudin, from Stanford University, California, and his colleagues have developed a new solution that might overcome past problems thanks to the use of a special pair of glasses, which fire infrared signals into the eye onto an implanted array of silicon photodiodes.

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Electronic Contact Lenses

Electronic contact lenses.

Bionic Woman Trust Issues S0107 (NBC)

Bionic Woman is a new series that is a re-imagining of the original series called The Bionic Woman from 1976-78 starring Lindsay Wagner. Katee Sackhoff is absent from this episode as well. It’s too bad, I miss her in this show. Her character was nice and complex.

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Bionic Woman The List S01E06 (NBC)

I honestly don’t know about Jaime’s romance with Tom. It’s a bit annoying.

In this episode, Jaime goes to France to get a list of covert agents that is for sale. The trouble is that the list has Berkut and CIA operatives on it, more than a 100. They need to recover it. The CIA is working with Berkut on this, and naturally Jaime wants to work with Tom again.

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Bionic Woman S01E05 (NBC)

Jaime is going back to college, but not the way that she anticipated. A professor at a well known campus is pioneering in neurochips. These neurochips have started showing up in Iraq. Jaime is tasked to investigate the professor. She poses as a transfer from Oxford in neuroscience.

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Bionic Woman S01E04 (NBC)

Jaime goes on her first mission outside of the US. They have to retrieve a missing thumbdrive that contains data on Jaime’s bionics. Things don’t really go as planned. Jaime has trouble maintaining a balance between her personal life and her new professional one.

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