Hello Touch Wearable Vibrator: Getting Intimate, Cyborg-Style

If you are cool with electronic gadgets in the bedroom, then this could be  for you. Jimmy Jane’s Hello Touch fingertip vibrator is supposed to be like a pleasure Power Glove.

hello touch fingertip vibrator

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BeBionic3 Prosthetic Gives You a Hand That Luke Skywalker Would Want

Prosthetic limbs are getting more and more advanced. Between Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius, also known as “the fastest man on no legs”, and mind-controlled mechanical legs, it’s only a matter of time before full cybernetic replacement body parts are available. UK-based BeBionic is helping to advance this cause by giving amputees a very functional, and very cool-looking prosthetic hand.

bebionic3 bionic prosthetic hand

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Kickstart Kinetic Orthosis Aims to Help Disabled Walk Again

Helping people who can’t walk walk again is an admirable goal, and that’s what the Kinect Kinetic Orthosis is supposed to do. It’s specifically designed for people suffering from neurological disorders that affect the strength of their legs.

Cadence Kickstart exoskeleton

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PossessedHand: I Swear I Didn’t Flip You Off

PossessedHand is a device that will make your fingers move by themselves. It’s supposed to help you learn certain tasks that are complicated to learn. It was developed by researchers at Tokyo University and Sony.

possessedhand sony tokyo university japan cyborg remote control

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Life-Sized Dalek Replica: Exterminate!

While it was revealed that the Daleks would not be seen in the current series of Doctor Who on BBC, that doesn’t stop the awesomeness of this full scale replica from ‘This Planet Earth LTD’. To top it all off, it’s an official replica, not just some fan-made thing.

dalek doctor who bbc life-sized replica exterminate robots

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Modern Cyborg: Amputee Demonstrates Bionics

It looks like cyborgs are among us, thanks to bionic prosthetics that amputees can now have attached to replace their missing limbs. The BBC is reporting about the cases of two elective amputees, who had lost the ability to use their hands. Instead, chose to replace their non-functioning hands with bionic limbs.

cyborg bionic replacement limb hand robots prosthetic

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x-Ar Exoskeleton Arm Gives Arms Super Strength

Ever since I saw an exoskeleton in Aliens, I wondered why there weren’t any real ones around. Over the last decade, actual working exoskeletons have started to appear, albeit in a smaller fashion. This one is only for your arm to help you lift very heavy things.

exoskeleton arm equipois x-ar robotics

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Computer So Tiny, It Could Fit in Your Eye!

The University of Michigan has announced that it has developed a computer that’s so small that it could potentially be implanted into the eyes of glaucoma patients in order to monitor the overall eye pressure.

millimeter-scale computer tiny glaucoma cyborg implants

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Berkeley Bionics’ eLegs Medical Exoskeleton: Letting Paralyzed People Walk Again

I have to say that this is an amazing piece of technology. It’s called a medical exoskeleton and promises to make physically-challenged people walk again.

elegs berkeley bionics robotics cyborg medical exoskeleton

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Geek Tattoo: The Cyborg Underneath [NSFW]

(Warning, don’t scroll down if you’re offended by side-boob.)

This has to be one of the more unusual tattoos I’ve seen in a while. Is this girl really a steampunk cyborg, or does she just have a really good tattoo artist?

cyborg underneath digitalyn tattoo robot nsfw

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