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2004 Yamaha Cygnus X 125cc

2004 Yamaha Cygnux X

I handed over Green Kelly last Thursday for the final tune-ups. She had started to grow on me over the last week, and except for a few tweaks here and there, she was fine.

The scooter shop owner handed over a 2004 Yamaha Cygnus 125cc as a loaner. I’m currently thinking about trading in Green Kelly for this scooter. When I first rode it, I was somewhat surprised. It’s got good early acceleration, but then it tapers off midway and only comes back in force once you hit max speed. This scooter weighs somewhat more than the Yamaha Forte, but it feels a lot stabler at mid to high speeds. It feels quite solid at higher speeds, and the bumps in the road seem less of an issue.

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My Shortlist Of Scooters

Here is my shortlist of scooters and motorcycles that I have been looking at as a replacement for Old Nancy. Old Nancy has been repaired and she’s working all right. The brakes need to be fixed. I tried to explain to my mechanics that they needed to, but they thought that they were fine. After riding at high speeds through traffic, I think I’ll stop at the mechanic tomorrow night and get that fixed as well.

PGO G-Max (4V 150cc or 200cc)
In all honesty, I’m looking at a second hand one from about 2004, so it will be the 150cc version.

CPI 150 GPR (150cc)
The CPI is a great motorcycle/scooter hybrid. They are quite recent and second hand ones are easy to find cheap. I haven’t done a test drive, but they must be pretty fast.

Kymco Ego 250cc
I will probably not find a right one for me, these are just too expensive, even second hand. They run about 60000NT used (~2000$). I recently checked the Kymco website. It looks like the Ego is out of production. I couldn’t find it on the site. This means that 2007 was the last model year.

Sym Fighter DX 150cc
I really like the front of this scooter. It really looks good. It must be pretty fast as well.

Yamaha Cygnus 150cc
I’ve thought about this one, but it’s still a bit overpriced for what it is.

Old large displacement motorcycle
I’ve looked at a few 750cc Yamahas and a few other interesting bikes which all fall into my price range. It would be pretty great to find one that suits me. The trouble is that most of these bikes are old. At least 10-20 years old. But that doesn’t mean that they are bad. The trouble is that I’d wind up once again with a very old mode of transport. The whole goal of this process was finding something more recent and in better shape. Naturally, there is no replacement for displacement. That saying comes to mind while I ponder these things.

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