Germs & Sheaves

Hyperbolic triangle, via Wikipedia
Hyperbolic triangle, via Wikipedia


I spent most of the day reading up on differentiable manifolds, Riemann surfaces, germs, and sheaves. Some of the concepts are extremely interesting since they tie into category theory. This led me to differential geometry. I supposed that differential geometry had more to do with Euclidean geometry, an undergrad class that I didn’t enjoy all that much³, but it’s got a lot more to do with the geometry and structure of differentiable manifolds, which interest me¹.

Since the late nineteenth century, differential geometry has grown into a field concerned more generally with geometric structures on differentiable manifolds.

The study of calculus on differentiable manifolds is known as differential geometry.

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Master Reset on Nikon Cameras

Press Qual button (green dot) + “+/-” button (green dot) together for 2 seconds and you complete a master reset on the D200.

Broken D200 or Not

Today I was taking photos and had trouble with my D200. I didn’t realize that the sun was so bright that I actually couldn’t see the images on my viewfinder. The camera was compensating for the brightness and making the photos very dark. I took a few shots of my niece which turned out fine.

Red Eyed Dad

My dad was all like her eyes are going to be red if you take a photo like that. I’ve tried with mine and only her eyes come out red.

Dad, it’s a DSLR Nikon D200 with a SB800, her eyes won’t be red!

I had trouble with the flash, since it wasn’t oriented properly, it wouldn’t shoot. A quick change of batteries and a little test. I was ready to go again.

I shot off a few frames of Maya my niece in a few different positions and showed him that there wasn’t going to be any red eye. All that’s left is to forward the photos to my family. I think I’ll have them download them directly from my Zooomr account. That will be easier.

Nikon D700

Nikon announces a mid-sized full framed sensor DSLR, the D700. It’s on sale at the end of the month for 3000$. That’s more than twice as much as my D200.

Nikon D60

Nikon has announced the D60 to replace the D40x. I have a D200 and I don’t plan on changing for a few years. I plan on getting some lenses, but that’s something else. I’ve had my D200 for over a year and I’m still learning to use it’s features, which are plentiful.

Thailand Wat Phra Kaew – Initial Shots

Well, I’ve started going through my archives. For some reason, Zooomr has trouble with the tag words that I added to my photos. Bear in mind that I have 10234 photos uploaded and since they went into Mark III, searching through my photos is tedious at best.

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The Sky Is On Fire In Banqiao

Here is a little series that I took last night, at sunset. The sky was so beautiful, it’s too bad that I was stuck on my patio. Otherwise, I would have run out with the dog and my camera in tow to take some more gorgeous shots.

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