Danah Boyd on Google+ Real Name Policy: Assertion of Authority

Danah Boyd comments on Google’s policy with ‘real names’. I totally agree with this policy. While Facebook uses something like this, I no longer use Facebook. This policy actually makes me want to use Google+ less (which isn’t really much overall).

The draconian way Google is enforcing it might also be telltale of what is to come from that company. I think many more people are realizing that Google, just like any corporation, isn’t ‘nice’. They want to make money.

Danah Boyd: On Sexting Teenagers

Notes from a talk that Danah Boyd gave in 2011 about sexting and teenagers.

Danah Boyd on Kiki Kannibal

Kiki Hannibal

Danah Boyd has got some good comments on the whole Kiki Hannibal phenomenon and the recent Rolling Stone article. Just like any type of thing, there need to be limits to what teens can do on the Internet. Social media and networking are still new, and it will take time for children to learn how to interact with it. Oversharing is prevalent on Twitter and Facebook.

Choosing the Right Grad School

Great article I found thanks to Andrew. It’s by Danah Boyd on the importance of choosing the right grad school. I know about this and it’s important to choose the right school and the right adviser.