Mother Of Tears Review

If you have read some of my previous posts, you’ll know that I am a fan of Dario Argento. I finally managed to watch the last movie in the Three Mothers series, Mother of Tears (La Terza Madre, The Third Mother). That last post dates from mid October 07. I just never posted it for some reason.

I was happy to find out that Dario Argento was working on the last installment of the series. I still believe that Suspiria is by far his best work. Mother of Tears is almost more of a giallo movie than a supernatural one.

Mother of Tears is drastically different from Suspiria and Tenebrae, containing more gore and nudity than any other Argento movie I can remember. Parts of it are very effective. The witches portrayed are typically typecasted. Strange women, in fashionable clothes and wearing a lot of make-up running around and making lots of noise.

Most disappointing was Mater Lachrymarum. Did you think that Mater Lachrymarum had fake tits and pranced around naked all the time? No? Well she does in this movie. When her character is first introduced, it’s interesting. The dress she wears is haunting, her scarlet lips that are visible under her hood enhance her evil.

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On Dario Argento And Suspiria

I’ve just started watching a few Dario Argento movies. I have seen most of them. A friend of mine was a fan and we watched almost all of them together years ago. At first I wasn’t impressed. Then I saw Suspiria and I was sold. In fact Suspiria was one of the first movies from Dario Argento that I really enjoyed.

It’s a piece of art. I’ve also watched Profondo Rosso again, a giallo movie. Profondo Rosso doesn’t compare. Suspiria is in a whole different league. The productions values are incredible. The sets are beautiful and the colors incredible. I just love this movie, it’s also scary. Naturally, you have to get past some minor points, but the movie is impeccable. It’s really hard not to like.

The music is also pretty good.Goblin made a phenomenal soundtrack. It’s funny because when you see a really good movie, you are reminded at how crappy the movies that you usually see are.

Suspiria was released in 1977 and was very important in the career of Argento. It was the first in the series of the Three Mothers. Tenebrae followed in 1982. Argento is currently about to release his latest volume in this series, the Mother of Tears.

Suspiria is very important to Argento, because it puts plot and actors second to vision and sound, merging toward pure art. When you see this movie, you can’t help but notice this fact. Minutes go by and nothing is said, but a story is told in a different manner than what we are used to.

What do you know about witches?

I Have A Vampire In My Antsy Pants

Recently, my wife talked to me about Juno. I checked out the plot synopsis on wikipedia and thought that this movie wouldn’t interest me at all. I mean, come on. A teenager getting preggers and deciding not to get an abortion.

A few weeks later, I came upon Diablo Cody and her story. For some reason she was called the most awful pole dancer by some British tabloid. Diablo Cody worked as an exotic dancer, a phone sex operator and a journalist.

I read her blog and her wiki entry. I found out that she wrote the script for Juno. That made me want to see the movie.

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A Hellion On Halloween

I felt like Hunter Rose, the original Grendel in his warpaint underneath his mask.

At around midnight, I took my dog Spike for a walk. I put on some shorts and got out of the house. It was drizzling. It was a strange drizzle, as if the wind had dislodged some stray humidity and was sprinkling it onto me.

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