Nendo Dark Noon Watches for Those That Prefer The Dark Side

Do you like dark or colorful watches? If you gravitate towards the dark side, then check out these watches that the Japanese studio Nendo designed for the Danish watch company Noon. They are part of the Dark Noon collection and all have black faces, and white lines accented with gold.

nendo dark noon watch

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The Dark Side Dresses Up

Would you ever take tea with Darth Vader? How about a fancy dinner with Boba Fett? The only time those two were near a dinner table was on Bespin, where they laid a trap for Han Solo and Princess Leia. Artist Chase Kunz has re-imagined some of my favorite Star Wars villains in suits, apparently dressed up for such a special occasion.

chase kunz star wars gentlemen villains helmets dark side suits

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Mateusz Sypien’s Star Wars Tribute Art: For Dark Siders Only

Mateusz Sypien’s Star Wars Tribute art isn’t filled with Jedis and Ewoks. Nope, it only features three characters, and they operate on the Dark Side of the Force. Well, actually only Darth Vader is officially from the Dark Side, but the other guys aren’t exactly good guys.

star wars tribute darth vader boba feet stormtrooper

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On Star Wars: Darth Vader And The Balance Of The Force

Although, Anakin was played robotically by Hayden Christensen during most of the trilogy prequels, the Star Wars fan will always see beyond the thin makings of the movies and into the deeper mystery that is Darth Vader. Thankfully, Lucas eliminated Jar-Jar Bings and let us concentrate on the meat of the story.

As predicted by the prophecy, Vader did bring balance to the Force, but at what price? Was the betrayal and epic legendary battle necessary for the good of the Republic? The Jedi were loosing parts of their abilities to use the Force. Does this mean that the balance needed to be struck to heal the Force?

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On Star Wars: The Saga Of Darth Vader

Star Wars has been an integral part of my life.

I’m not messing about, in my youth, I used to watch the initial trilogy every month. In fact, after a few times, it got to the point that I knew all of the dialogue by memory, especially the ones with Darth Vader.

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