Dirty Sexy Money S01E02 (ABC)

It’s as I mentioned earlier today, Dirty Sexy Money is a lot like Big Shots. Between the two, I prefer Big Shots. Big Shots is like Desperate Housewives for men. Just look at the Big Shots wiki page. You have all the qualifications of the characters. My wife said it and I agree: it’s a mimbo show.

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Dirty Sexy Money S01E01 (ABC)

For some reason, ABC shows have a transsexual hookers. I don’t really know why, but Dirty Sexy Money is one of them. Big Shots is another. More on Big Shots later today. I don’t know why they focus so much on tranny hookers. I’m sure that I’m using derogatory terms, but it’s just so ludicrous seeing it on not one but two ABC shows this fall.

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