Darth Vader Goes Surfing

The last time we saw Darth Vader on holiday, he was just trying to relax. This time around, he actually goes surfing in the ocean. Will the powers of the Dark Side help him conquer the waves?

darth vader surfing 01

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Lightsaber Umbrellas for the Dry Side of the Force

If you think that Mother Nature is impressed by the Dark Side, you’d be wrong – because just like anyone else, the Dark Lord of the Sith still probably got drenched in torrential downpours, unless he uses his telekinetic abilities to shield him. This Darth Vader lightsaber umbrella looks pretty solid and while it won’t Force Push the rain away, it would probably keep you (or Vader) nice and dry.

star wars darth vader umbrella lightsaber 01

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Darth Vader with Parasol: Keeping the Dark Side in the Shade

Ever thought that a Dark Lord of the Sith would use a parasol to keep out of the sun? I suppose that the Dark Side prefers to stay in the shade, right? One artist decided to re-imagine a famous painting by Monet, featuring Darth Vader prominently using his umbrella.

darth vader parasol david barton 01

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Paper Vader Jesus: Pray to the Dark Side of the Force

I never thought about making a papercraft art piece featuring Darth Vader myself, but other people certainly have. In this case, one artist posed Darth Vader like he’s Jesus Christ himself – a bit of a contradiction with Vader’s Dark Sided ways. In place of the sacred heart is the Death Star, of course.

papercraft darth vader

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Darth Vader’s Day at the Office

If there’s anything that you get from Star Wars, is that Darth Vader was a pretty messed up dude. That didn’t stop Jim Alley from creating this quirky scene, which imagines how Darth Vader’s life could have been like if he wouldn’t have been so taken with the Dark Side of the Force, and settled down and got a “real job” instead.

Jim Alley Darth Vader Office

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Christmas at the Skywalkers’, LEGO Style

This shot of Luke and Leia decorating the Xmas tree does look quite funny, though the idea of a dead Vader head on as a tree-topper is a bit morbid. Either way, even with Darth Vader gone, the Skywalkers still have to celebrate Christmas, even if they are in a galaxy far, far away.

Skywalkers Star Wars Christmas LEGO 01

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Star Wars Identities: Darth Vader Does Rorschach

There’s a new exhibition featuring some pretty interesting Star Wars stuff coming to Canada in 2012. It’s called Star Wars: Identities. You will apparently get to know the characters of the Star Wars saga “on a whole new level”. Whatever that may mean, the poster and teaser trailer they released sure are compelling.

star wars identities montreal edmonton exhibition canada

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Darth Vader Silhouette Poster: Extra Dark-Sided

If you’re a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy like me, then you’ll appreciate Russell Walks‘ limited-edition Star Wars poster, which is officially licensed by Lucasfilm. It features Darth Vader’s silhouette, and since Star Wars is all about Darth Vader, it should make you and your walls pretty happy.

star wars russell walks poster design darth vader

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Darth Vader in His Underwear with His Evil Superhero Grandpa, Say What?

This series of photos were shot by Sacha Goldberger, and they are entitled The Darks Part II. In it, a (anti-)superhero named Dark Papouka befriends Darth Vader and they have some fun together. Darth Vader tries to get into the superhero act by wearing his underwear on the outside of his outfit.

darth vader mamika mr papika superheroes star wars grandpa

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Cuddly Bear Superheroes and Star Wars: Bears Everywhere!

We all know that plush bears are cuddly, but Julius Santiago took it to a whole new level, by having some cuddly bears dress up in some famous costumes, from superheroes to Star Wars. Darth Vader isn’t exactly imposing in his new body, and it’s kind of hard to take Batman seriously when he’s a cute little bear.

cuddly bears darth vader julius santiago superheroes

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