DNA Storage Record Broken: 1 Gram Could Hold As Much as 455 Exabytes


Researchers have been able to encode a draft of an entire book into DNA. The 5.27 MB file contains 53,246 words, 11 JPG images, as well as a JavaScript program, making this the largest piece of non-biological data ever stored in DNA.

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All In the Family: Storing Data As a Family

011012_rg_FamilyNAS_01.jpgThe modern family can consume gigabytes upon gigabytes of data on a monthly basis: streaming their own shows, listening to different music, gaming, and consuming online data like hot water in the morning. Here’s a solution to ease the burden of filled up hard drives while being able to share files and media across devices in a household, family-style.


Traveling With Data: When Flash Drives Aren’t Enough

071709_rg_hitachitravel_01.jpgThe one thing that is very important when you are on the road is your data. By data, we mean photos, music, videos and more of the usual things that we gather on our trips. Depending on how long your trip is, it’s not always feasible to bring your laptop. Laptops weigh a lot and they can take up precious space when you are on the road or using airlines.

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Data Integration

I’ve been doing some tidying up with my data on my computers. It’s mostly my photos. My most recent photos are on my main laptop, but the 250GB HD is brimming full, so I’m moving them to an external 500GB drive.

That gave me the opportunity to tidyup my external drive. There were loads of stuff that I hadn’t erased. For example, there was loads of music that I still hadn’t integrated with my main library on my main laptop. It took a while, because the indexing wasn’t similar, but I managed to get through the whole list. That must have freed up about 100GB on the external drive.

This makes me think about the system that I’ll use when I get back home. I’ll probably set up a mini-HD tower with 2TB drives, something like a Drobo drive. The main computer desktop at home will need to be formatted. My wife has been telling me that there are a lot of viruses. That means that I’ll format all of the drives and start over with a fresh install, something that I was planning on doing a while ago.

Once back in Taiwan, I’ll probably swap the 250GB drive for a 500GB on my laptop, start with a Windows Vista 64 install and max my RAM to 8GB. These types of components are quite cheap there.

I wouldn’t mind buying new HDs for my main computer as well. A couple of 2TB drives would do the job, probably three or four. I’ve got a full Lanli brushed aluminum tower, so there’s enough space.

I want to use some kind of redundancy for my data, especially my photos. I usually tend to burn my movies and shows onto DVDs, once I’ve finished with them. The last thing that I’d most probably like is to implant either a dual monitor system, or simply upgrade to a 30″ widescreen monitor. Or, alternitavely, I could get a cheap plasma TV and hook it up. It wouldn’t cost more than a few hundred bucks.

The reason why I haven’t uploaded any pics was simply because my HD was full. Now, it’s time to do this.


Kevin Kelly on Zillionics, the new scale of data and storage that are available to use in the modern computing age. The orders or magnitude are necessitating new outlooks on what we thought was large beforehand.


MapReduce is a parallel processing software framework for data sets over 100 terabytes over multiple unreliable computers.