Heroes Out Of Time S02E07 (NBC)

Hiro resolves things in the past. Kensei makes another appearance, much to everyone’s surprise. Parkman finds Molly again and works at punishing his dad. Bob keeps pushing the use of the Shanti virus. Peter discovers a year ahead what the consequences of the use of the Shanti virus are.

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Heroes S02E06 (NBC)

Hiro hits some problems in the past. Will he be able to save the past?

Claire and West have some fun at school while Bennett goes to see an old friend in the Ukraine. Suresh makes a stand at the company. Nikki makes a comeback under a new guise.

Silas, Maya and Alejandro make it into the US.

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Heroes S02E05 (NBC)

Hiro is still in the past helping out Kasei. Ando is trying to find out what happened to him.

Suresh is getting more and more entrenched in the company. Parkman and Petrelli head off to see his father in Philadelphia.

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Heroes S02E04 (NBC)

In this episode of Heroes, we discover more about the people in charge of the company. Someone is mysteriously cleaning house.

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Heroes S02E03 (NBC)

Hiro is in the past and can’t come home. He manages to send a message. We see Niki and Micah again. Niki wants to rid herself of Jessica. Claire discovers that West can fly. Mohinder is back in New York.

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Heroes S02E02 (NBC)

We still don’t know exactly how and why Peter survived. He is still in trouble with the robbers in Ireland.

We discover how Maya’s and Alejandro’s powers work, though nothing is certain. Claire continues to experiment with her powers, because that is the only way she will discover more about herself. Angela Petrelli is questioned about the murder of Nakamura. The Haitian makes a surprising comeback and Hiro continues his work in the past to correctly portray the mythos of Kensei.

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Heroes S02E01 (NBC)

Beauty in the sea in Danshui (淡水鎮), Taipei County. Taken last Monday 24/09/2007.

Expectations are high for the second season of Heroes. After last season’s shocking ending, speculation has been rife for the second season of the most popular new show of last year.

The spin-off Heroes: Origin will air in 2008. Meanwhile, NBC has scheduled 24 episodes of Heroes.

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