Big Brother UK S09D04 (E4)

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom.

Steph is taking a bath. Yesterday Mario proposed to Steph. The wedding is tomorrow.

Dennis, Rebecca and Rex are in the garden and they are talking about Steph. Dennis is still has doubts that they are a real couple.

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Big Brother UK S09D03 (E4)

Last night 16 HM entered the BBUK house. Dale, Steph, Darnell and Rachel are in the kitchen. They haven’t gone to bed yet.

Steph says that Mario has two kids from a previous marriage. She doesn’t want any kids. She’s getting herself into trouble. Steph says that Mario is a nice guy. Darnell starts to laugh. It means that there isn’t a lot of passion in their relationship. Darnell says that it’s perfect BB script material.

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Big Brother UK S09D02 (E4)

The first HM have just entered the house. Lisa works as a sales rep for a tanning salon. She’s a mom and a MILF with giant fake titties. Mario, or Sean, is her 42 year old boyfriend. He’s a bit thick.

Luke is a part time wresting announcer and a student. Steph walks in and BB gives them their secret mission. Mario has to pretend that Steph is his girlfriend. He has to pretend that he has no relationship with Lisa. If their cover is blown, they are nominated. Otherwise the other HM will be nominated.

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Big Brother UK S09D01 (E4)

It’s time for a new batch of HM to enter the new BBUK house. Davina is back with her great presenting skills, making the show very entertaining. Of all of the BB shows, the BBUK one is most definitely the best. The best HM, the best consequences for breaking the rules.

This year’s theme is Zero Tolerance. There are severe consequences for breaking any rules. It looks like it’s going to be a fun summer. The new batch of HM are interesting. There are definitely going to be some sparks flying around. The house has been totally rebuilt and is looking good.

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