Big Brother UK S09D84 (Channel 4)

Davina says that all of the HM will be made under intense pressure. Two of them will have to make a hard decision. Later, the HM will have to nominate live in front of their HM. One of those two nominees could win 50,000£.

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Big Brother UK S09D83 (Channel 4)

Kat, Rachel and Mikey are in the bathroom. Rachel says that it be the last time they nominate. Kat says that if two people leave this week, it will be easier. The HM are unaware that there is a twist for the nominations.

Today, the HM must nominate two HM to become HOH.

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Big Brother UK S09D82 (Channel 4)

The HM are getting a champagne breakfast because BB has decided to be nice. The HM are woken up by Kiss from a Rose by Seal. Mikey tells Lisa that something shocking might happen today. HM have been enjoying their breakie for 20 minutes. Rex tells the HM that they were all stupid enough to play his silent game yesterday. Kat tells him that he was being mean. Rex says the was only joking.

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Big Brother UK S09D81 (Channel 4)

Lazy Mo and Darnell are in the bathroom. Last night, Darnell and Kat had an argument. Lazy Mo thinks that the next evicted HM will be either Rachel or Lisa.

Rex, Mikey and Lazy Mo are in the kitchen. Rex wants a new rule. He wants HM to wash their own dishes. Kat is in the diary room. She hopes that it will be a good day. She doesn’t think that Darnell listened to her yesterday. She wishes that he would believe in friendship. He can be quite aggressive when he dislikes someone. He never trusts anyone.

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Big Brother UK S09D80 (Channel 4)

Mikey, Rachel and Sara are in the living room and kitchen. Last night Sara was upset by Darnell. Sara says that after last night, she’s ready to go. Darnell and Lazy Mo are in the bathroom. Darnell wants Sara to go. Darnell is paranoid. He thinks that Lisa and Sara are after him. He doesn’t feel threatened by Nicole.

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Big Brother UK S09D79 (Channel 4)

Rex and Nic are up to their usual tiffs in the bathroom. Rex says that Nic is spoiled. Nic says that Rex’s dad spoiled him. When Nic doesn’t do as she’s told, Rex calls her a shitbag. He says sarcastically that he hopes that Nicole is going on Friday.

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Big Brother UK S09D78 (Channel 4)

Darnell and Lazy Mo are in the bathroom. Most of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. For this week’s shopping task, the HM must become zombies for Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. The HM are woken up by the same song. They all practice their dance moves, except Kat and Nic.

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Big Brother UK S09D77 (Channel 4)

Later today, BB will announce the results of this week’s nominations. The HM are unaware that Nicole, Lisa and Sara are facing the public vote. The HM get woken by Michael Jackson’s Thriller. It’s funny to see how ignorant they are. They didn’t even recognize the beginning of the song, even Darnell.

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Big Brother UK S09D76 (Channel 4)

After spending the night in the bedroom, Rex moved back into the luxury bedroom about two hours ago. This morning, they start arguing once again. Rex says that he didn’t want to argue with her. Nic says that he left her here by herself. She cried her eyes out.

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Big Brother UK S09D75 (Channel 4)

Yesterday, Rex became HOH. Mikey tells Lisa and Nic that he doesn’t want a girlfriend. Mikey says that since he lost his sight, sex has become boring. He can’t see anything anymore.

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