Big Brother UK S09D74 (Channel 4)

Darnell is getting really paranoid again. He wants to stay till the end and he wants everyone to like him. Hopefully, he’ll get evicted soon and get a shitload of boos. He also think that it’s easy to nominate him, if a more hated HM becomes HOH.

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Big Brother UK S09D73 (Channel 4)

It looks like Nicole has had enough of Rex.

Nic is in the diary room. She thinks that Rachel sucks Kat’s ass. She doesn’t really talk with everyone. Rex is proud to say that he takes care of Nicole everyway. He takes care of her financially. She doesn’t contribute anything. That’s the way that Nic has been brought up. Rex says that Nicole is too young to understand that.

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Big Brother UK S09D72 (Channel 4)

The crowd is chanting get Rex out.

Most of the HM are in the luxury bedroom. Nic looks like a kid. Meanwhile, Darnell and Lazy Mo are talking about Nic. Darnell doesn’t know why Nicole is so confident. Rex must really be the man on the streets. Darnell says that it’s not worth it because if Mo tries to take Rex’s shine away, he’ll get really pissed off. Lazy Mo is getting paranoid again. Lazy doesn’t understand what Darnell is saying. Darnell doesn’t know what just happened. He leaves. What Mo understood is that he shouldn’t talk to Rex anymore, because he is interfering with Rex’s relationship.

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Big Brother UK S09D71 (Channel 4)

Today the HM will be competing in the 2nd part of the BB games. Sara is screaming for a lighter. Rex calls her a child.

Lisa is in the diary room. She says that she has been dreaming of the Olympics. She had a restless night.

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Big Brother UK S09D70 (Channel 4)

Mikey has to guess who wins the races correctly three times out of five in order for the HM to pass the task. He was correct for the egg and spoon race.

The HM are told about this week’s task. It’s the BB games. The HM have to prepare an opening routine. HM have been provided with costumes and props.

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Big Brother UK S09D69 (Channel 4)

Stu and Rachel are nominated this week. This week’s task is all about the Olympics. Today, the HM had to perform opening ceremonies. Mikey has been given a megaphone.

Today, the HM will nominate. Mikey is immune. Sara is flirting with Darnell again. He gives her a slap on the bum. Rex and Nic get awoken by a siren. As HOH, Mikey has to make sure that all of the HM are up. Mikey is readying the water. He comes in with a jug of water. Rex tells Mikey that he will throw Mikey into the pool if he throws that water on them.

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Big Brother UK S09D68 (Channel 4)

The HM had to shave off some hair. They passed this little task. Also, they found that the divide between heaven and hell had vanished.

The HM are unaware that the divide has been removed. There is no heaven or hell anymore. Yesterday Mikey became the new HOH. Greedy Mo is the first one up and notices it. He’s ecstatic and wakes everyone up. Rex jumps to snuggle with Nic. Lazy Mo has already taken over his bed.

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Big Brother UK S09D67 (Channel 4)

Rex and Rachel are talking about Darnell. Mikey thought that Darnell liked Sara.

Sara and Darnell are talking in the diary room. Sara is getting pissed off. She starts to shout. She’s getting pissed out. He can’t admit that he fancies her. Sara tells him to chill out. Rex walks in and says that she was being rude. It’s none of his business. Darnell starts to get animated. Sara says that she was joking. They start getting loud.

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Big Brother UK S09D66 (Channel 4)

Stu has been in jail for 20 hours. He’s released and has to go to the diary room. He says that he would be shocked if he stayed.

Most of the HM are in the living room. Rex has done some laundry. Nic has some complaints. Rex is pissed that Nic doesn’t appreciate his effort. He starts to swear when he realizes that his tea cup is gone. He whinges about her to the other HM.

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Big Brother UK S09D65 (Channel 4)

Last night Rex and Nic argued. They are edgy this morning. They hug and snuggle a bit.

Rex and Sara talk about what happened last night in the pool. He implies that they were grabbing each other under the water. She says that she didn’t grab his dick. Later he’s talking about her boobs. She doesn’t like the way he’s talking to her. She walks away. She doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He gets angry and starts to swear. He starts to talk with Mo about his conversation with Nic. Nic walks in and she is pissed at him. She wants to see BB. She comes to the diary room and starts to cry. She says that she feels like shit.

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