Big Brother UK S09D64 (Channel 4)

Most of the HM are sleeping. Mo, Kat, Mikey and Nic are in the living room. They must perform a puppet show whenever BB plays a sound cue. They’ve been doing so for over 18 hours. Rachel has been trying to wake-up the HM from heaven for the past hour. She’s not very threatening. Rex just goes back to sleep. Mikey drops the milk. That was this morning’s milk for coffee. Kat isn’t happy. Nic is helping in the kitchen. Kat is nagging her. She says that she’s done more than Mikey. Nic just walks away.

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Big Brother UK S09D63 (Channel 4)

The HM aren’t aware that Dale and Stu are nominated. Nic tells Rex that he needs to get rid of the cone.

Darnell and Sara are talking about their misunderstanding. He’s still embarrassed. He heard what she said when she jumped in Stu’s bed. She told Stu that Darnell is scaring her. She jumped into Stu’s bed because of Darnell.

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Big Brother UK S09D62 (Channel 4)

Today the HM will nominate. Last night, Darnell crossed the divide after being embarrassed about making a sexual comment to Sara.

Mo says that there was some flirtation going on between Darnell and Sara.

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Big Brother UK S09D61 (Channel 4)

Rachel is in the garden running. As HOH, Rachel must ensure that all of the HM are awake. Mo is sleeping on the couch. She tells Mo off for sleeping again.

Some of the HM are in the luxury bedroom talking about dating. Sara is picking her noise hair.

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Big Brother UK S09D60 (Channel 4)

Rex and Nic are cuddling at the divide. Mo is eyeing them suspiciously.

Stu and Dale are talking about Nic. She isn’t that hot.

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Big Brother UK S09D59 (Channel 4)

The HM have been up for 30 minutes. Rex is still sleeping. BB has played the alarm five times to wake everyone up. Mikey goes into the luxury bedroom to wake Rex up. He can’t find him. Rex is hiding from him. Mikey throws a glass of water at him to wake him up. He actually got him.

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Big Brother UK S09D58 (Channel 4)

The lines have already closed at midnight last night. Davina will tell the house who has survived. When there are only two HM left, Davina will tell them who will leave.

Tonight, Rex’s girlfriend Nicole will replace May in the BBUK house. She won’t go in if Rex is evicted. I should have noticed. That meant that since Davina is mentioning this, it means that Rex wasn’t evicted. The lines closed yesterday.

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Big Brother UK S09D57 (Channel 4)

Last night, Dale and May stole a token as part of the secret task. They must remain undetected to pass this week’s shopping task. All of the other tasks are just decoy tasks.

Luke and Stu say that their perceptions of blind people have changed. Dale is there as well.

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Big Brother UK Day 56 (Channel 4)

BB has stripped the title of HOH from Stu because he was amongst the HM that used codes to talk about nominations.

As a result, Darnell, Kat, May, Mo, Rachel, Rex, and Stu will be nominated along Dale and Luke. 9 HM are nominated this week.

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Big Brother UK S09D55 (Channel 4)

In my view, the guy is a total tosser.
Mikey on Dale

4 minutes ago, BB opens the nominations pod. Mikey and Mo are the first ones in. Mikey has changed his mind about Dale. Mo doesn’t like Rachel that much anymore. Mikey wonders who would survive between Luke and Dale. Mo doesn’t know. It’s evenly split.

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