Living with Push Notifications, Day & Night

push notifications.jpgPush notifications are one of the most useful developments of smartphone technology, but there comes a time when they become tedious and bothersome. Who wants to be woken up in the middle of the night by your friend’s latest updates? How do you stop your phone from annoying everybody around you with its incessant rings? Here’s how I learned to optimize the way I work with push notifications without losing any sleep.

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Darth Vader’s Day at the Office

If there’s anything that you get from Star Wars, is that Darth Vader was a pretty messed up dude. That didn’t stop Jim Alley from creating this quirky scene, which imagines how Darth Vader’s life could have been like if he wouldn’t have been so taken with the Dark Side of the Force, and settled down and got a “real job” instead.

Jim Alley Darth Vader Office

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Extreme Temperature Differentials & Coffee

Today, we went to the zoo. I was expecting rain, so I dressed accordingly. My morning walk with Spike showed me that it was a lot chillier than yesterday, when temps were up to 30˚C. Today, when I walked the dog in the evening, the temperature was down to 14˚C.

It basically went from being summer in Taipei to fall in a day. Now that’s something. Plus, we’ve been having all of this crappy rain. Forecasts show rain for every day of this week. I wore my Arc’Teryx Alpha SV jacket today over a breathable t-shirt and was very comfortable. When the wind started, I zipped it up and the hardshell protected me very well. I couldn’t say the same for some of the kids, who were wearing t-shirts and shorts, and throwaway raincoats a step above plastic bags.

This morning, I made myself some sandwiches for lunch, and they were pretty good. However, the ice latte that I had was a bit much. It was pretty strong, and I had trouble taking a nap after I came home from work. That’s why I usually only drink coffee after my nap. Speaking of coffee, I bought a coffee bean grinder from Carrefour. It was a stainless steel model from Electrolux, but that’s all they had and it grinds only 50-75g each time. I ground up 150g for this week, and spilled some precious Blue Jamaican coffee all over the place. Well, it wasn’t too bad, but I swept it up because I didn’t want the pets to get high on coffee.