Specials and Deals on Bikes, Frames, and Components

Things are going well over here and our e-commerce site will be operational within 2 to 3 weeks. Until then, here are the latest deals we have on components, framesets, and complete bikes. We’ve added a new BH and BMC supplier, which means that we’ve got the Impec. We’ve got good deals on Colnagos, Giants, and Scotts. We’ve got other brands as well, just ask us what interests you.

We are an official AX Lightness and Schmolke reseller.

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5 Great Black Friday Apple Deals From Amazon

We love our PCs, but there’s just something about Macs that makes even PC afficionados lust after them. The main reason why not everyone in the world has more Macs is because they are more expensive than PC laptops. Luckily, this Black Friday, you’ll find the best Apple deals not at the Apple store, but at Amazon’s Apple Store, and you can shop from your computer!

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Online Deals: Firefox Add On Gives You the Best Prices on the Web

081309_rg_invisbilehands_01.jpgEarlier this week, we told you about a Firefox extension that helped you get the best deals at Amazon. Since a lot of shopping nowadays is done online, and since there are quite a bit of online shops, we though that this Firefox extension would help you out even more. Read on after the jump to find out more!

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Consumer Reports on Best Back-to-School Appliance Deals

081109_rg_consumerapp_01.jpgIf you’re like most students, you are probably trying get a few appliances for your dorm room or new apartment that you’ll be sharing with roommates. Buying new appliances can be quite costly. The thing is that if you take your time and find other ways of getting stuff, you’ll probably save a bunch of money. The Consumer Reports is a nonprofit, expert and independent blog that just posted a great guide on how to purchase some cheap back-to-school appliances.

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45 Km Bike Ride Banciao Bitan Banciao

Well, after having done some service on my bike and having changed the tires, and using the Weatherunderground to avoid rainshowers, I headed out for a ride. I noticed that this week, I had put on a bit of weight since I hadn’t trained, so I was extra motivated.

What a difference thinner slick tires make! I was going pretty fast, heading up to 45kph on parts. I made it to Biton in about 31 minutes. I knew that my way back wasn’t going to be that fast, but still, I was impressed by the wheels. I can only imagine how fast you can go on something like the Giant TCR Advanced SL 0. Once I get that bike, I actually plan on getting another frame so that when I upgrade certain parts on the SL 0, they’ll have a place to be fixed upon.

After I got back to Banciao, I had a last bit to do before heading home. Naturally, something happened, but that will be for a later post.

All in all, I covered 45 km in about 70 minutes. That’s an average speed of about 39kph.

45 km Bike Ride Banciao Bitan

I started out the same way that I did yesterday. The only difference was when I got over the Xiaolong bridge, I would just ride further away. I made all the way into Bitan before deciding to turn around. The bike paths on that side of Taipei are very nice. They snake around and lead you away from the city.

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