Star Wars Escape from Docking Bay 327 Diorama: Lights Up Like a Christmas Tree

Take a look at this awesome diorama of the Death Star hangar where the Millennium Falcon landed. It’s titled Escape from Docking Bay 327 and was built by Dave, (aka F2 at the M.O.C Pages.)

star wars diorama escape dock 327 dave lego f2

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LEGO Star Wars Death Star Landing Bay Diorama Made from Over 30,000 Bricks

Jay Hoff is a teacher from Florida, and he recently combined his love of LEGOs and Star Wars in a monstrous 30,000-brick wonder. He chose to recreate the Death Star’s landing bay, which is impossible to forget because that’s where the Emperor landed and was met with his honor guard.

jay hoff lego star wars death star landing bay

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Death Star Cake Destroyed the Alderaan Cake

This Star Wars-themed cake sets itself apart from all of the others that I’ve seen thanks to a blinking LED that takes the place of the planet-destroying laser. The rest of it is edible, from the base to the to TIE Fighters.

death star wars cake luke darth vader rachel linhart

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Death Star Dress: Dark Side of the Skirt

Check out Jennifer Landa’s fancy Death Star dress, that comes complete with galaxy tights and a TIE Interceptor serre-tête. I’m sure all Star Wars fans are going a bit loony over this, and I have to say that it looks pretty good.

jennifer landa death star miss cosplay dress diy san diego comic con

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LEGO Star Wars Death Star Kit: Over 3,800 Pieces!

Yes, you read that right. This is an authentic recreation from LEGO of the Death Star from Star Wars. This means that you can go to a store and buy this kit, which includes over 3,800 pieces, and start building your own Death Star.


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Build A LEGO Death Star Ornament For Your Christmas Tree: Aw, Itty, Bitty, Superweapon of Doom!

Remember the Death Star? That ultimate weapon of doom that was part of the main plot in the original Star Wars movies? Well, this Christmas, how about making a small and cute version out of LEGO bricks for your Christmas tree? I have to say that it’s hard to make a weapon of xenocide cuter.

lego death star christmas ornament wars

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Darth Vader Likes Chewbacca Pie

It’s a well-known fact that the Empire is not too fond of non-humans, Wookies especially. So it’s only appropriate that Darth Vader would enjoy a little Chewbacca Pie on his favorite plate.

darth vader chewbacca pie star wars death star

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darth vader likes chewbacca pie

Look! Dlinc’s Death Star Combat Station Computer Rig


Initially, we were amazed how closely Dlinc’s computer rig resembled either a combat station from the Death Star or a CTU-type command station from the popular show 24. The most interesting bit out of this is that Dlinc actually came up with the plans himself. That’s incredibly cool for the inner geek in us all.

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