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QisDesign’s LED Lamps: Boutique Energy Efficiency

As LED lights are starting to become prevalent, thanks to the fact that they are getting more energy efficient than CFLs, we’re finding some interesting lighting solutions from all sorts of companies. These lights were created by the Taiwanese company QisDesign, and they look quite fetching, especially the table lamp that folds completely flat.

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Outdoor Furniture and Decor Best of Spring 2010: Post Roundup

Decorating your home and getting the right outdoor furniture has never been easy. You have to find the right balance between a number of different things in order to get the right combination. At Re-Nest, we enjoy lounging about in our gardens during the summer months. This gets a lot easier when you’ve found or cobbled together the best outdoor furniture possible without breaking the bank. Here are our picks for 2010.


1 Green Style: Outdoor Furniture from Scout Regalia
2 Vintage Patio Sets and Garden Furniture
3 How To Make An Outdoor Pallet Lounger
4 How to Create an Outdoor Living Room
5 7 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Sofas

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Giving Your Home Office An Expensive-Looking Makeover

While it’s safe to say that most home office furniture from big-name stores like IKEA tends to look alike, it’s actually not that hard to make it look unique and more expensive-looking with a few tweaks, whether it be your desk or shelving…

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ColorWare Ready to Supply Custom HDTVs

It’s been in the works for a while, but now it seems like ColorWare is about ready to ship customized HDTV that will perfectly match the decor of your new living room. However, just like many other ColorWare customizations, don’t expect it to come cheaply.

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Stickers Transform Keyboards Into Typewriters

Have you always wished that you could make your shiny new Mac look a bit more Steampunk-ish? Look no further, because Dave Quattrini has created a bunch of stickers that are made to stick onto your laptop and transform it into a vintage typewriter.

stickers steampunk typewriter mac apple laptop decoration

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Justin’s Desk Features Clever Lighting Built Into Shelves

There’s nothing more boring than a plain, old home office, especially one that’s facing a wall. Most of us think that there’s not much you can do with that. Well, Justin didn’t think so. He took it upon himself to decorate his workspace in a most interesting way and we think that he did so splendidly.

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Cosmonaut Lamp: Decorate Your Light Bulbs With Clay

Lamps are a dime a dozen, but this is one of the best clay lamps that we’ve seen. In fact, it’s probably the first clay lamp that we’ve seen!

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