Anti-Wi-Fi Wallpaper Keeps Nosy Neighbors off Networks

Unless you vary your passwords often, it’s possible that some tech-savvy neighbors have figured out the password to your Wi-Fi home network, and they could be using it to download massive amounts of data, porn and pirated movies, or to snoop on your personal network. Instead of getting caught by the MPAA, it’s probably best to get this anti-Wi-Fi wallpaper to take care of business.

anti wifi wallpaper

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Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Puxxle Pixel Puzzles

I used to like putting together puzzles, but I have gotten out of the habit over the years. These awesome pixel puzzles might just rekindle my love for puzzles, since they aren’t just puzzles, you can actually use them to decorate the walls of your house.

Puxxle Puzzle Pixel 01

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Imperial Forces Wallpaper: Your Walls Have Joined The Dark Side

Yep, now even the walls are evil. The Imperial Forces wallpaper features portraits of your favorite Star Wars villains: Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers and Imperial Guards. Thankfully, the Star Wars element isn’t too in-your-face. You have to look at it pretty closely to see the intricate designs.


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QisDesign’s LED Lamps: Boutique Energy Efficiency

As LED lights are starting to become prevalent, thanks to the fact that they are getting more energy efficient than CFLs, we’re finding some interesting lighting solutions from all sorts of companies. These lights were created by the Taiwanese company QisDesign, and they look quite fetching, especially the table lamp that folds completely flat.

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Star Wars Paper Snowflakes: I Wanna Wish You a Jedi Christmas

If that papercraft Steve Jobs is a bit too complex for you, then you can try your hand at Star Wars-themed paper snowflakes, which will make some unique decorations for your home and Christmas tree.

papercraft snowflake star wars empire darth vader clone trooper

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Crystalroc Bedazzles Your Galaxy Tab, Doesn’t Make the Tab Any More Interesting

For a mere £999 (appx. $1,566 USD) you can purchase this bedazzled Samsung Galaxy Tab from Crystalroc. Crystalroc specializes in this kind of thing, kind of what Colorware does for colored gadgets, they do with crystals. Yes, I think that they’re both ridiculously expensive.

bedazzled crystalroc samsung galaxy tab

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The Inspiring Basement Home Office Reno

Let’s face it, not all basements are setup as work environments, depending on how well they are finished. Some basements are just storage places, while others have been renovated as home theater rooms. Well, we really liked the idea of using a basement as a home office.

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Star Light Mini Paper Diffusers For Your Christmas Lights

After the papercraft Christmas tree, come the Star Light Minis, which are basically diffusers that are placed onto your existing Christmas lights to change the look and feel of your Christmas tree.

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LED Clips: Small and Easily Used to Decorate

061509_rg_LED_clips_01.jpgHave you ever wanted to have small LEDs? LEDs that you could place all over the place without worrying too much about wires? Look no further, because these little LED clips can be used in this fashion. You can put them anywhere and they don’t have any wires since they are battery-powered. We thought that these lights could lead to a great bunch of home-grown designs for rooms and offices.

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