Moving Beyond Delicious Bookmarks

Last month, when Yahoo announced that they were “sunsetting” Delicious Bookmarks, it caused somewhat of a panic as Delicious users scrambled to either back up or transfer their bookmarks away from Delicious. Since then, Delicious has said that they aren’t closing down, but that the service is for sale. While this may not be much comfort for users who have thousands of bookmarks saved on Delicious, many users have moved beyond simple bookmarking.

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Moving Beyond Delicious

As much as I enjoyed using Delicious for a while, I’ve currently moved onto other ways of keeping tabs on what I find. To start off with, I read all of my feeds through Google Reader. My workflow as a freelance writer implies that I have to read copious amounts of published posts in order to flesh out my own. I star anything that I find interesting, but ultimately, this is reserved for work-related content. If I star anything else, it would be lost amidst a lot of other content. Work-related stuff gets starred and unstarred once I’ve addressed/used it.

If I want to mark something to read it later, I use a Firefox extension, which is appropriately named Read It Later. Any links that I find, I either tweet or publish on my blog as asides. I stay away from using my email, because as it is, I already receive between 10-50 emails a day. I don’t want to add more noise. While I used to browse links before, I’ve had less time and the time that I have available now is more focused on getting things done.

If I would still be using Delicious often enough and if I was concerned about it shutting down, I’d switch to Pinboard.

I think that many people seem to forget that links and bookmarks have an inherent shelf-life. If you go through all of your links, you’ll find that some of them from a few years ago aren’t relevant anymore. It’s kind of like tending a garden. If you don’t keep updated on what you find, you’ll end up with nothing a few years later. Maybe this is something that some users enjoy doing, but I’ve got other things to do.

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