Denon Cocoon iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Won’t Turn into a Butterfly

Denon hasn’t released all that many speaker docks over the years, but their latest offering looks quite good. The Cocoon wireless speaker has an interesting shape and is packed with tech to make you consider this as a good option.

denon cocoon home portable speaker

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Denon Globe Cruiser Bluetooth Headphones: Cruise the World without Wires

Wireless headphones are getting more popular, but I’ve always believed that corded ones have better sound. These premium headphones from Denon are part of their high-end wireless headset collection, and look like they are an option if you want over-ear headphones that are wireless.

denon globe cruiser headphones bluetooth

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Denon N7 Bookshelf Stereo: Share Tunes in Style

I can’t remember the last time I bought a stereo, but the Denon N7 has got some interesting possibilities since it links with Apple Airplay’s system to stream your entire iTunes Library.

denon n7 stereo app ipad iphone ipod

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