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Unsui House

Unsui is a recently beautiful completed house by Japanese architect Norisada Maeda.

Travelodge Container Hotel

The budget hotel company Travelodge just completed their first recycled hotel in the UK. Astonishingly, the building is made from stacked shipping containers and then the exterior of the building is cladded.

It contains 86 shipping containers, which were prepared in China with furnishings. The containers were shipped to the UK, bolted together and installed into the frame of the building. (via designbloom)

Face Art By Levi Van Veluw

Levi van Veluw is a Dutch artist who used his series of self-portraits litteraly as a canvas.

New Work By Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes new work looks pretty awesome. The above is burnt wood.

Billboards By Branislav Kropiak

A series of photos by Branislav Kropiak of billboards.

Camouflage Art

I found the Camouflage art by Desiree Palmen very intriguing. I wonder if these are scultures or just mimes standing in place. Probably sculptures.

Stainedglass By Posterchild

Incredible street art installations by Posterchild. Posterchild is a graffiti artist from Toronto, Canada. Ona visit to NYC, he blanketed four annoying multimedia screens in with his own signage. These posters simulate a stained glass window. It’s pretty amazing to see. The effect is awesome. Four signs were created: “hold” “fast” and “sell” “out”. It’s incredible how something so ugly can become something so beautiful. (via designbloom)

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