Designer iPhone Cases: A Bit of Bling for Fashionistas

081911_rg_DesignerIphone_01.jpgWhile not all designers make iPhone cases, a lot of them are joining the ranks with technological accessories, to match your clothes or to set you apart. There are some out there that can cost you more than the phone itself, which may seem ludicrous to some, but there’s always a need for distinctive iPhone cases, so that your iPhone stands out from the crowd.

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Cubic Shelves Gives Graphic Designer Office New Life

The first thing that you notice about this home office is that most of the shelving is similar and stands out, which is important when you’re redesigning your own home office. We like how the shelving is prevalent and distinctive in white. Also, the lounge area nearby is perfect to take a load off during busy days at home.

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LED Lamps: From Designer to DIY Lighting

LED lamps are quickly becoming desired in any type of lighting. They started out as a curiosity and will soon become standard, although CLF lamps are still going strong. It all depends on the type of lighting you enjoy. LEDs also consume a lot less power, so we’ve listed some of our favorites, from designer to DIY lamps.

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9 Great New Designer Espresso Machines

They say that once a coffee lover starts drinking espresso, it’s hard to drink anything but. This can be true, especially if you tend to rely on that energy jolt while working throughout the day. Then again, making the right espresso isn’t always easy, that is, unless you’ve got the right machine for the job.

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Designer LEGO Buffet Table: What Will We Have Next?

A couple of Netherlands-based designers came up with his whimsical buffet table, which is completely made up of LEGO bricks. I like how they color coordinated it. In order to look this good, the buffet table is made up of about 25,000 individual LEGO bricks.


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The Custom IKEA Misson Control Center

It’s obvious that a lot of people who work from home need a large amount of desk real estate, especially if you are a designer or work in graphic design. Sure, you can do well with a little amount of space, but there’s nothing like having enough space to spread out all of your work-related stuff.
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