The Smallest Laptop Desks You’ve Ever Seen

If you don’t have much space and need an extra workstation, which is a given when more than one person is working from home, then you’ll need a laptop desk. These desks can be quite small and compact, but they’ll get the job done when you’re in a bind. While there are better-looking permanent solutions, these will perform well if you choose well.

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Doors & Tables: Using Old Doors for Desks

If you are thinking about making a desk out of reclaimed wood, look no further than old doors. Some old doors looks so gorgeous that they need to be used for something better than scrap, especially if you see people in your neighborhood throwing them out.

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Hacked 16-Foot Desk Perfect For Multiple Workstations

Setting up a home office for more than one person can be a challenge, especially when it comes down to desk real estate. Setting up one can be easy, but it’s finding the right space for the second that can be an issue. We found this Swedish setup pretty amazing, thanks to its long, hacked desk that takes care of all of the problems.

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The Perfect Desk: Hacking Smaller Desks Into Bigger Ones

While there are a plethora of desks available, sometimes you just need to hack yourself one because none of the ones that you see fit the bill. This happens quite a bit, especially in the home office. Since a lot more people are working from home, they need a fully functioning home office. This home office from Toronto, Canada, uses three IKEA Vika desks.

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Inspiring IKEA Lack Hacks: Taking It to the Next Level

There’s nothing more frustrating when you can’t find that perfect piece of furniture to finish off a room. It’s can annoy you. The trick that we’ve learned is that if you can’t find it yourself, hack it! IKEA Lacks are a great basis for a number of different hacks, and here are the ones that set themselves apart.

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Gigantic Hacked IKEA Numerar Computer Desk

We’ve recently asked you how big or short your home desk was, the one you use to work on your computer, but for some people, small desks just don’t work. Also, a lot of larger desks tend to be very wide, which makes it hard to find a suitable place for them in your home. Thankfully, you can easily hack some IKEA furniture to make a giant desk that has a small footprint.

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CI Desk: The Perfect Mobile Workstation

When more than one person share an office, things can get cramped very quickly, especially if you are both working from home. That’s why people enjoy finding different places to work on their computers. But most of the time, these places are haphazard. Almost all of us enjoy working on a sofa or in the living room for a while. That’s the reason why the Ci Desk is so interesting, since it enables you to deploy your gear easily and almost anywhere in your house, without needing an extra desk.

5 Best Desk-Computer Combinations: What Desk Goes With My New Computer?

It’s not always easy finding the right desk. This search is always compounded by what your computer looks like. Sometimes, some desks just don’t go with certain computers or laptops. We’ve put together a series of desks and computers which we find are well suited to each other. Naturally, these desks tend to highlight the features of the laptop or computer. It’s always interesting to combine things that go well together in an office.