Pahana Alo’s Workstation Update: Towards Minimalism

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The last time we featured Pahana Alo’s setup, it featured a glass desk and two low monitors, that were optimally positioned for his workstation. This new update to the office includes a new desk and new computers in an effort to make the space as minimal as possible. More

Terry’s Glass Expanse DeskTops – The Best of Readers’ Desks

Using a glass desk can be fraught with challenges, especially when you want to keep your work surface clutter-free. Since this desk didn’t come with a keyboard tray, Terry came up with an interesting solution to store his keyboard, mouse, and Trackpad. All in all, the result leaves a lot of free desk real estate, negating the use of another desk to do paperwork and reducing the overall footprint of this workstation.

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Ken’s Mobile Minimal Workstation

Minimal workstations are something that most people yearn for. Ken’s workspace is quite fetching, since it’s got everything you need to design things and create stuff. We like the overall low profile, but it doesn’t skimp on the tech, which is important when you do a lot of work from home.

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Charles’ AirTouch Workstation: Audiophile’s Paradise

This PC workstation is minimal and compact, while still oozing with style, thanks to the Steelcase AirTouch desk, that becomes a standing desk with a touch, and the floating monitor. Charles is a self-confessed audiophile, and while not all of his gear is installed, what he has already got is impressive.

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Maumusica’s Studio: A Composer’s Clean & Simple Setup

We always like to see how artists organize their workstations and creative spaces, because there’s usually something interesting that almost anyone can take out out of it. Some home studios can get quite complicated, but Maumusica’s uses a big desk and organization to make his stand out from the crowd.

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Chris’ Moody Living Room Home Office DeskTops

For many home owners and apartment dwellers, a living room home office can be a necessity, especially when more than one person needs a workstation. While some people frown at integrating an office area in a living room, something that traditionally is reserved for family, others find a balance between work and leisure. Chris’ home office living room has got wonderful tones and windows, that set it apart from others we’ve seen.

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Garrett Murray’s LA Master Bedroom Home Office for 2 DeskTops

Having a multi-functional home office is always a bonus, especially when it can be used as a guest room, living room, and also an office for two. This usually requires space, which is why Garrett Murray turned his master bedroom into a home office for two. The added square footage allowed him to make an expansive setup, for both himself and his wife.

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Garrett Murray’s Stylish Home Office We’d All Love to Have

012711_rg_GarrettMurray_01.jpgThis sumptuous home office belongs to a mobile app developer, and we have to say that it looks gorgeous. The overall placement of the Herman Miller desk, as well as an attention to the smaller details sets this home office apart. It’s not the tech that struck us, but the keen eye for decor and furniture framing it.

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MacBook Air on 4 Different Screens, New and Old

121610_rg_MacAirRun4Mon_01.jpgThe new MacBook Air is definitely a notebook that we’d like to get our hands on, even though it’s slightly under-powered. However, sacrifices had to be made in order to deliver this new form factor. This hasn’t stopped Blake from running a total of four effective monitors (including the laptop screen) off his MacBook Air.

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