The Closer S03E13 (TNT)

Another view of one of the sharks in the Shark Aquarium in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Everyone is talking about the case.

Fritzi is trying to make Brenda feel better, but it doesn’t work. She finally tells him about the DUIs that she learned about from Pope.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The Closer S03E12 (TNT)

The unmoving fish in Atoll Reef, Ocean Park Hong Kong.

A body was found at the home of Oliver Henry. It was him.

The episode moves in and out of the courtroom by using a great plot device, the tape that Buzz is filming for evidence purposes. Henry was a successful divorce attorney and he was killed in a fight with one of his clients’ spouses.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The Closer S03E11 (TNT)

Brenda is back on the job after her surgery. They are at a dead body in a car accident. Coyotes came by and ate part of the body. The victim’s name was Marguerite Scott was part of Homeland Security.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The Closer S03E10 (TNT)

A shark in the Shark Aquarium in Ocean Park, Hong Kong. I like this picture. It is a bit dark, but eerie once you know that the shadow is a shark!

There has been a murder in Chinatown. Brenda’s parents are still in town. They wants grandchildren, but Brenda blurts out that she is going through early onset of menopause.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The Closer S03E09 (TNT)

Sea Jelly Spectacular at Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Brenda is in counseling because she shot a suspect who was going to kill her. A lot of things are happening to Brenda; she has early menopause, buying a house, her parents are coming for a meeting, getting engaged and being attacked with a cattleprod.

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The Closer S03E08 (TNT)

Mr. Mason is a DA. Daniels is still at a Homeland conference. The chief isn’t happy about it. Mr. Mason’s wife was murdered. They are at a beach. They find her covered in cattleprod electrical burns and cigarette burns. Chief Pope and the Commander Taylor kept the techs and the other detectives away, except Lt. Flynn.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The Closer S03E07 (TNT)

A picture of a dolphin that I was able to get at Ocean Park, Hong Kong. It was hard, because the show wasn’t on till the afternoon. The dolphins were just hanging around.

Brenda goes to see a gynecologist. She gets a full physical, the first one that she has had in years.

Two teenage latino gang members have been shot and killed. Miguel Romero is causing a scene at the murder scene. He has baseball scholarships. There is apparently something wrong with the chief, she is sweating profusely in the interview room. Jesse Romero joined the Quatorzes after dropping from the baseball team, on which Miguel was playing.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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