Kinsa iPhone Thermometer: Your Plug-In Doctor Is Ready

I take my phone pretty much everywhere, but it’s true that there is a lot more that it could do, given the right add-ons. Check out the Kinsa accessory, which will not only take your temperature but may also be able to diagnose what’s wrong with you or your kids.

kinsa smart thermometer 620x353

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How To Get the Most Money for Your Used iPad 2

ipad31612.jpgIf you’re like me, you’ve got an iPad 2 burning in your hands right now that you wish you could get rid of in order to get the new iPad. There’s something different about the launch of the new iPad that will make it easier to resell: the iPad 2 is still available from Apple and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Here are some of the best ways to get the most money for your iPad 2.


Lamp-Based USB Charging: One Stop to Juice Up

012412_rg_USBChargingLamp_01.jpgWhile it’s not uncommon for lamps and desk lights to integrate other functions, a recent trend is the incorporation of charging station for tech accessories, creating an ideal “landing spot” for mobile devices.


Geninne’s DIY Linen iPad Cozy & Other Felt Cases

112211_rg_DIYFeltLinenCozy_01.jpgFelt and linen are great materials to choose when you want to put together an easy DIY device cozy. Felt is soft and it’s not difficult to sew, so creating your own cozies and cases for your tech devices becomes a lot less problematic if you’re not an expert sewer. Once you’ve completed your cozy, don’t be afraid to decorate it, just like Geninne did with hers.

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Celluon Evomouse Turns Any Surface Into a Virtual Trackpad

While it might look cute, Celluon‘s Evomouse is actually pretty useful. The dog-like device uses an IR sensor to track your finger movements, turning any flat surface into a virtual trackpad, yearning to replace your mouse.

celluon evomouse input device computing ir sensor

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Microsoft Touch Mouse Will Bring Easy Multitouch to PCs

010711_rg_MSTouchMouse_01.jpgWell, it’s taken quite a while, but finally, Microsoft will release its Touch Mouse, their variant of Apple’s Magic Mouse. As many Mac users have noticed over the last 14 months, the Magic Mouse is not without its faults. It begs the question: will Microsoft’s PC Touch Mouse solve these problems, or simply create new ones?

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Colorware Does the New Kindle: Looks Better Than in White

051109_rg_colorware_kindle_01.jpgPeople love to customize their laptops. Now that other devices are becoming very popular, they too will be customized. It’s sad when a company only offers their devices in one color. The Kindle has slowly become more prevalent in our modern lives, yet it still is available in only one colors. Thanks to a some enterprising companies, we are seeing a very different Kindle!

Nova Slider X600: The Mouse That Does Gaming and Design


One thing that we have realized, is that a good gaming mouse makes a great design mouse. Gaming mice are usually more precise, have less lag, and perform faster than regular mice. Also, the best are usually tethered to the computer via a cable. The thing is that the Nova Slider X600 isn’t only tethered to your computer, it’s also tethered to a recommended mouse pad, one of the cornerstone products for the French company.

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