Reaper Leon S01E06 (CW)

I found Sock really annoying in this episode. His whole thing about talking with the captured soul in the vessel was really stupid. The soul is corrupt. It just spent an eternity in hell. There is no way that it is rehabilitated. Sock should just grow up. Sam tried telling him, but Sock wouldn’t listen.

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Reaper S01E05 (CW)

Sam finally gets a copy of his contract. It’s in latin and is very thick. His dad is acting very strange. It’s almost as if he wants something. It involves the Devil as well, but Satan doesn’t want to see Sam’s dad anymore.

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Reaper S01E04 (CW)

Sam is running into trouble again with the Devil. Working for Satan has never been fun. It’s hampering his social life and Sam isn’t really getting forward in his relationship with Andy.

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Reaper S01E03 (CW)

In this episode, Sam has to deal with his feelings for Andy. Sam is a bit of a whim and a procrastinator and he isn’t able to tell her how he feels. In fact, he takes every opportunity in rebuking her advances, which is just plain stupid. At least this character has some faults, which is redeeming.

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