Issey Miyake VUE Watch: Time Comes into VUE

What makes this watch so interesting is that it shows only the most relevant numbers on your watch face, no others. That was a pretty smart idea, since you can easily tell time with a glance, which should be the main purpose of a watch.

yve behar dezeen vue issey miyake japanese watch

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Dezeen Opens Watch Store: Cool and Funky

I just spotted that Dezeen has just opened an online watch store, and I hope to see some really funky designs available there. Maybe someday they’ll end up designing their own watches, kind of like Tokyoflash.

watches dezeen designer store website

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Our Little White Sofa: Perfect For Lounging With Your Laptop


This is the first sofa that we’ve seen that’s designed for both outdoor and indoor use. There is nothing greater than a multifunctional piece of furniture. Christian Vivanco designed it and it looks perfect for lounging around at home while working on your laptop. It’s design is reminiscent of a chaise longue, but it can seat more than one person.

My latest from Unplggd…

Shiro Hair Salon

The Shiro hair salon was designed in 1980 by Takuya Hosokai and Hiromasa Mori. It’s located in Fukui Japan.

BMW Concept Car Changes Shape

This concept car form BMW can change shapes. I can’t really make out of the accompanying text if the car and the technology to make it change shapes actually exists, or if it’s just a concept for now. Anyways, it’s an interesting concept.

The GINA Light Visionary Model by BMW is a concept featuring a flexible fabric skin stretched over an articulated metal frame, meaning the car can change shape.

Banksy On Essex Road

Banksy painted new art on Essex Road. The sketch for the street painting fetched 195000£.

Nissan Grandrive

Akihito Fumita designed the beautifully slanted Nissan Grandrive, and event hall in Yokosuka City Japan.