Diesel/Monster VEKTR Headphones: They Got the Beat

Sure, I like Diesel, but I never thought I’d see them make headphones. That’s probably one reason why Monster, whose widely-publicized split from Beats, provided the technical know-how to help make these. I’ll give the VEKTR Headphones one thing: they look unique.

diesel vektr headphones 1

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Diesel DZ7164 Watch: Chunky Digital Time

Have you gotten tired of your old watch, or are you actually looking for one to augment your smartphone as your default time-telling device? Check out the DZ7164 from Diesel’s Youngblood line. It’s pretty beefy, and it’s got a cool digital display.

diesel digital dz 7164 youngblood

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Diesel SBA Black Out Watch: Perfect to Take on Your U-Boat

This new Diesel watch comes all in black, with something pretty unique. The case is angled and features plenty of analog hands, as well as a digital display that reminds me of a sonar display.

diesl watch black out sba dz1404

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Original Iron Man Comic Is Almost 50 Years Old But Tony Stark Still Looks the Same

It’s funny how comic book characters rarely age. I’ve never been an ultimate Iron Man fan – Spider-Man always did it for me. It looks like Marvel is reprinting Tales of Suspense #39 from 1963 to celebrate the release of Iron Man 2 and the new Diesel fragrance, Only the Brave.


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Diesel Time Zone Watch Has More Time Zones Than You Really Need

Looking for a new watch? I know I am and this Diesel watch looks pretty good. It’s unique in that it can display four different times on its face.

watch time diesel

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