Life In Taiwan

I’m adapting to life in Taiwan again. Getting around is pretty easy on Old Nancy. I came back to Taiwan on Saturday night. For a few days afterwards, I had a little fever in the evenings. I used some Ibuprofen to keep it under control.

I’m doing fine tonight. No fever in sight.

How is life in Taiwan?

It’s surprising how easy it is to fall back into your routine, even after an absence of a few months. Spike is fine. My wife is fine. I’ve spent some time doing some updates on my computer. I’m actually thinking about formatting the C:\ drive and installing Windows Vista Ultimate. Not that I really want to install it, but I actually like working with M$ Office 2007, and I can’t seem to install it on my workstation with Win XP.

The fruits are as good as ever. I actually saw some fresh tamarin at the Carrefour. I’ll pick some up and try and make some salmon with it. Overall, I’m sticking to my diet. No rice, no bread, no pasta. Fresh fruits and veggies, meat, eggs are pretty much what I usually eat. I have to get into the habit of drinking a morning smoothie again. I’ll probably use papaya instead of bananas though.

I’ve tried eating dragon fruit or pitayas again without any adverse effects to my digestive tract. I wonder if I can find cherrymosas here.