Iris Camera Concept Shoots Just What You See

The Iris camera concept is a biometrically-enabled and controlled by your eye. The idea behind the camera is that it would use your eyeball to figure out what you are looking at and allows you to capture exactly what you see. It was designed by the Royal College of Art graduate Mimi Zou.

mimi zou iris camera biometric

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Timeless Capture LCD-Less Camera Concept: Bringing Back The Analog Feel to Digital

If you’ve used film cameras before, then you know that there’s a bit of magic involved whenever you finish a roll of film and have it developed. This kind of feeling is absent from modern digital cameras, which is why Brian Matanda decided to create his Timeless Capture concept camera.

timeless capture camera digital brian matanda

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Want Better Instagram Photos? Do This!

050412_rg_InstagramontheMove_01.jpgThere’s no denying how easy Instagram makes capturing snapshots while on the go. The best part, besides the filters, is the ability to instantly share photos and push them to social networks. However, I’ve come across occasions where uploading then and there is not possible or unsafe. The workaround is an easy one and one that ironically can improve the quality of your Instagrams noticeably…


IKEA Digital Camera is Made of Cardboard, No Assembly Required

I’ve seen pinhole cardboard cameras before, but this is the first time that I’ve seen something like this made by a furniture giant. It was a promotional item, but it makes me think that IKEA might be working on a product like this.

Ikea mini camera cardboard disposable

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Sony Cybershot DSC-TX200V: 18.2 MP, 1080p/60 Video, and Covered in Glass

You got to hand it to Sony, they do occasionally release some really cool products, like this new Sony Cybershot DSC-TX200V which was just announced. It’s a compact camera that sports the highest resolution for a point-and-shoot camera yet. It’s also sandwiched between glass plates, so it does look quite fetching.

sony cybershot tx200v 01

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Panasonic GX1 Spotted in Taiwan

Thanks to Mobile01, a Taiwanese forum, we can now see some photos of the new Panasonic GX1. The camera looks pretty good and this model is supposed to be the pro version of the GF Lumix line.

panasonic gx1 camera digital new

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Lytro Camera: Shoot First, Focus Later Gets Real

I mentioned the Lytro light field technology a few months back, but I didn’t think that the tech would be in a consumer camera this soon. The Lytro camera is small, not that expensive, and it will most probably change the way that (at least some) people take photos. The camera was presented by Lytro in San Francisco by CEO Ren Ng, and it’s quite different from any other camera.


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Lytro Light Field Camera: Shoot Now, Focus Later

It’s something pretty basic that all photographers learn – focus is everything, and when you don’t have it in your photos, you might as well start over. That’s why I find this new technology from Lytro interesting. You take shots with it now, and the camera focuses on your subjects later.

lytro light field camera focus tech digital

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Anna Chapman Spy Glasses: 007 or 00-Sexy?

You might have thought that spies didn’t need all those fancy gadgets anymore, but you’d be wrong. These fancy glasses are a little less geeky than the other spy glasses we’ve seen (but not too much so). Naturally, the Anna Chapman moniker comes from the sultry Russian spy who was busted wearing specs like these.

anna chapman specs spy glasses sunglasses video recording

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Obsolete: Homeless ‘Bot Begs For Energy

Artist Pawel Hynek‘s striking image isn’t all that recent, but it’s thought-provoking to say the least. The image features an almost derelict robot begging for power in exchange for processing data. It’s funny, but uncomfortable at the same time, since many people will lose or have lost their jobs due to automation.

obsolete pawel hynek digital image render robot

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