Cthulhu Santa Wishes You a Merry Christmas

If there’s one thing that Cthulhu probably wouldn’t wish you, it’s Merry Christmas, because just thinking too much about this outer god will drive you slowly insane. In fact, don’t think about or say his name aloud too much either. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

cthulhu santa claus merry christmas robin levy

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Empire Roofing: The Shingles Strike Back

This crazy brochure for a Star Wars-themed roofing company comes courtesy of designer Milos Cakovan. It definitely makes the whole idea of roofing your house a bit more fun.


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Futurama and the Simpsons Characters: 3 Pixels Each

While I had to take off my glasses to be able to see the resemblance, once you see it it’s uncanny! It was definitely important to get the colors right on each of these 3 pixels, as that’s not a lot to be able to identify a character.

futurama 3 pixels the simpsons characters

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Naked Super Mario Isn’t About to Offend Anyone But Sure Looks Strange

I’ve never spent any time wondering what a naked Super Mario would look like, but apparently some people do think about this and this is the strange and disturbing result.

super mario naked mad nintendo gaming

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Turn Yourself Into James Cameron’s Avatar

While the technology to make your own genetic or robotic Avatar isn’t yet available, you can turn yourself into the image of an Avatar by using a handy new website from the guys at McDonald’s. Impress all of your friends with your own custom-made Avatar!

avatar avatarize yourself website fun digital imaging james  cameron

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The BeardMe iPhone App: Do You Want The Mustache On Or Off?

This is way more fun than useful, but the BeardMe iPhone app enables you to quickly add facial hair to people who don’t have any! Imagine, no more inking in mustaches with that Sharpie pen!

beardme app iphone fun digital imaging

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