The Last Cat Dinner on the Storytree

It was a busy week, and it had taken Mr. Fuzzles a lot of time to finish up the year at Cat School. From kitty report cards to marking pet exams, the way that the end of the year was organized at his Cat School was terrible. He had finished late more than once a week, finalizing everything. He had barely had any time at all to get high on some catnip or play with Tigger. He had already one end of year feast planned for the following week. Unlike this one, he knew that his other kitten school would pay for everything. It was a kind of local tradition. They weren’t dogs, they were civilized. It was what was expected.

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Do You Switch Off Your Phone When You Are With Friends?

111810_rg_CellPhoneEtiquette_01.jpgWhen I go out to dinner with friends, or with the wife, I rarely take my cell phone with me. If I do, it’s usually off as a sign of respect. There’s nothing more annoying than having someone over and their phone keeps ringing or vibrating away. What is the proper etiquette when it comes to smartphones and friends?

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A Dark Crystalline Friday Night

I had dinner last night with my friend Yves. I hadn’t planned on doing anything for my birthday really, but he had called me the night before and wanted to do something. I usually take things easy on Friday after my classes and work. It had helped that I had gone to bed at 9PM the night before. So I was somewhat rested after the last days, which were exhausting.

We had some sausages for dinner. His spouse was out working. I spent part evening catching up on my feed reading while he took care of his 2 year old son. The toddler’s birthday is in a few days. His cousin’s birthday is next week. They all had babies at the same time. This is common in social circles.

I ate too much and we watched The Dark Crystal by Jim Henson. It was pretty good. There were a lot of details in the shots. I was surprised. The movie must have cost a lot of money to produce (15 million US). The movie is from 1982. I just read that a sequel to this movie called The Power of the Dark Crystal will be released in 2009.