Star Wars Escape from Docking Bay 327 Diorama: Lights Up Like a Christmas Tree

Take a look at this awesome diorama of the Death Star hangar where the Millennium Falcon landed. It’s titled Escape from Docking Bay 327 and was built by Dave, (aka F2 at the M.O.C Pages.)

star wars diorama escape dock 327 dave lego f2

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LEGO Star Wars Death Star Landing Bay Diorama Made from Over 30,000 Bricks

Jay Hoff is a teacher from Florida, and he recently combined his love of LEGOs and Star Wars in a monstrous 30,000-brick wonder. He chose to recreate the Death Star’s landing bay, which is impossible to forget because that’s where the Emperor landed and was met with his honor guard.

jay hoff lego star wars death star landing bay

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Minifigs Run Through LEGO Logan’s Run

What’s not to love about this great LEGO tribute by Keith Goldman to Logan’s Run? If you haven’t ever seen this retro sci-fi flick, it’s well worth it. It’s part of a crop of dystopian movies that were made in the 70s and 80s. I enjoyed watching it and I’m enjoying these photos of Keith’s diorama.

logan's run science-fiction 1976 retro lego diorama

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