AOC Monitor Gets Built-in iOS Dock, Enlarges iPhones Instantly

Do you ever wish you could stream stuff from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer display? Then this AOC display could be the one for you. It features a 30-pin dock that outputs audio and video directly from your iOS device to the screen.

aoc monitor with dock

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Phosphor World Time Sport E-Ink Watch Slims Down

The new Phosphor World Time Sport uses an E-ink display in its face, which isn’t something new, however this watch is quite sleek. It’s also waterproof and since the display doesn’t use much power, you won’t have to change the battery anytime soon.

phosphor world time watch timepiece e-ink

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PixelInvaders LED Panels: All Your Pixels Are Belong to Us

PixelInvaders is a computer-controlled RGB LED matrix project by Michael Vogt. The goal is to use these panels, which can be interconnected, as effect lighting in clubs, bars, fairs, museums, on stage, in a lobby or in your living room.

michu pixelinvaders pixelcontrollers led matrix panel display

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Vuzix Wrap 1200 3D Video Goggles: 75 Inches in Your Pocket

If you thought that those Vuzix augmented reality glasses were hot, check out these new ones, which let you take a 3D-capable big screen with you everywhere you go. Yep, 3D isn’t so hot anymore, but I’ve always wanted goggles like these anyhow – especially for long trips.

vuzix glasses 3d wrap 1200 display travel screen video

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Dot Watch Concept: Touch the Time

While I initially thought that this watch was basically a touch-enabled timepiece, it’s actually something different. Samuel Jerichow completely minimizes the essence of a watch down to three dots. Thanks to advances in tactile displays, this watch could be feasible.

samuel jerichow dot watch touch based time timepiece

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Massive Curved Touchscreen Measures 33-Feet Wide

After that 200-inch monster 3D screen from yesterday, it looks like the touchscreen guys wanted us to know they could keep up. This enormous multi-touch screen measures about 33 feet wide. Now that is pretty big. According to my (basic) math, that’s 396 inches wide!


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Do You Want Touchscreen Displays On Your Appliances?

011911_rg_LargeTouchscreenApp_01.jpgPeople seem to love colors touchscreen displays, which is why they are starting to pop up in the kitchen. Do you think that having a touchscreen on your oven or washer is really necessary? Sure, they can be fun to visualize data, but it seems like manufacturers are putting touchscreens everywhere.

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Ortus Hast: World’s Smallest HD Display

This great small display might be the next big thing for smart phones or mini-tablets, which is the form-factor that could benefit from this incredibly small HD display technology.

casio full hd screen smallest mobile

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Giant Origami Tigers Land In Sydney

These gigantic origami tigers signal the beginning of another Year of the Tiger, which will be shortly coming up after Chinese New Year on February 14th.

origami tiger display art led

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Miyoul OLED Display Art Is Beautiful, But Pricey

With prices around $100,000 (USD) the cost is a bit insane, but these displays sure look good. Heck, if I had lots of money to burn, I’d probably want to get one of these (not).

oled art display photos nanobrick

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